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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back with a bang!

Like a bear out of hibernation that needs loaadss of food, I've got loooadds to blog about this time.
Its been a while since I blogged.
My school has started. 10th standard! Wow!
But actually, There isn't anything to wow about. 10th is particularly tough, with certain concepts that i struggle to understand.
For the first time in my entire schooling, I think I listen in every class. I don't stare out of the window, I don't speak to my friends on the pretext of borrowing pencils and most importantly, I don't day dream.

Well, since this year is tough, I've come up with a few calming techniques for myself. I am not a world famous psychiatrist, but I have noticed that these techniques work for me. I am just going to list em' out here, so that you can calm yourself too if you are hassled.

1) Music: This is one of my favorite techniques. Nothing can beat some nice music. Sing to yourself/ Listen to music/ Dance to some, Its your choice, But i find myself totally de-stressed after a good dose of music in any form.
2) Exercise: I am not a very athletic or a sporty person. Yet, I find myself totally re energized after a good sweaty session.
3) Eat: This isn't for the weight watchers, But I swear, a bar of your favorite chocolate does you good.
4)Just sleep: Self explanatory. :D

You could devise methods to calm yourself down whenever you need a it of relaxation. But i find these to help me the most.

Guess where i am headed off now :-

Till then!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Yeah, a bit of music and some hard-biking and skating sure pep me up!
Great to see a new post!

abhishekbalaji said...

Ok first of all its good to see a post finally then.tenth is.not so.tough. you'll understand that come to.11th and what are the calming techniques for?

Nivedha said...

Hey Manas!
Visit my new blog! My old one got deleted.

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