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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back with a bang!

Like a bear out of hibernation that needs loaadss of food, I've got loooadds to blog about this time.
Its been a while since I blogged.
My school has started. 10th standard! Wow!
But actually, There isn't anything to wow about. 10th is particularly tough, with certain concepts that i struggle to understand.
For the first time in my entire schooling, I think I listen in every class. I don't stare out of the window, I don't speak to my friends on the pretext of borrowing pencils and most importantly, I don't day dream.

Well, since this year is tough, I've come up with a few calming techniques for myself. I am not a world famous psychiatrist, but I have noticed that these techniques work for me. I am just going to list em' out here, so that you can calm yourself too if you are hassled.

1) Music: This is one of my favorite techniques. Nothing can beat some nice music. Sing to yourself/ Listen to music/ Dance to some, Its your choice, But i find myself totally de-stressed after a good dose of music in any form.
2) Exercise: I am not a very athletic or a sporty person. Yet, I find myself totally re energized after a good sweaty session.
3) Eat: This isn't for the weight watchers, But I swear, a bar of your favorite chocolate does you good.
4)Just sleep: Self explanatory. :D

You could devise methods to calm yourself down whenever you need a it of relaxation. But i find these to help me the most.

Guess where i am headed off now :-

Till then!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes. Long time, No posts.
In my defense, I had writers block. Like really SERIOUS writers block.

I think I haven't recovered from my block yet. :|

On Ninth April, I went for a cricket match. It was between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, two teams from the Indian Premiere League.

I was really excited. Not because the team i support was playing, but because this would be my the frist match I would watch live from the stadium.

My friend and I left around one hour before the opening ceremony. The stadium was HUGE. (Picture of the Chepauk stadium).
Each person had to enter from different gates depending on their seats. Our seats were located in the stand "I Lower".

Almost everyone was wearing the color yellow to support the Chennai team (I was slightly disappointed as i have absolutely NOTHING in yellow).

The evening started with a terrific opening ceremony with famour people like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya and Shah Rukh Khan performing.

The match was right after the opening ceremony and it was even better. Everybody was cheering, clapping, whistling and shouting. Music was playing in the background and cheerleaders were dancing to cheer their teams on.

The Chennai Super Kings had won the toss and had chosen to bat.

As balls and runs went by, And the first innings got over, everyone went to get refreshments (or at least I did :P).

The second innings were terrific too.
The team i supported won the match. Everything went well and my first stadium match was a huge success.

(The tickets)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


My science exam starts tomorrow. I have finally FINISHED studying. All the sonar problems in physics, the crazy diagrams in bio and the incomprehensible molar sums in Chemistry.

History, Politics and English are the only subjects I love.

I have been asking random people feedback about my blog. Out of fifteen people, nine people said that my blog very good, three said that reading it was a complete waste of time and the other three said that my blog resembles more of a diary. I should include more events, incidents, places to make it seem more like a blog. So here I am writing about my first PROPER cooking experience.

It all started on a bright sunny day. Uhm, no actually, It was raining. Well, whatever.
It was the day I decided to make "besan ki ladoo". (Click here for a picture)

I asked my mom for all the ingredients and with the recipe in front of me, I religiously started assembling everything in a very organized fashion.
(For those who don't know me, I am NOTHING organized). I was quite okay in the beginning. I just had to melt some butter and add the besan to it to make a thick paste. After a few moments i realized that ALL my butter was over and i didn't have enough to even bury the besan leave alone make it a paste. So i added ghee. This is when the disaster started.
My besan became all watery and it refused to stay "THICK" like I wanted it to. So with the besan on the gas, I ran to my neighbors house wearing my pajamas asking for butter.
I did finally get it.
I added SOME MORE besan and emptied the whole cup of butter into the dish.
THANKFULLY nothing bad happened.
But unfortunately nothing good happened either.
Defeated, I just continued stirring wondering what I will tell my mom about the dish. =P
I mean, really, You should have seen me jumping up and down my kitchen when the dish actually turned out right.
I removed the dish from the stove and started making it into small balls.
Finally. The. Tasting.
{I nibbled one ladoo cautiously}
It tasted TERRIFIC (not to brag or anything).

Apart from some ghee and my kitchen turning into a ABSOLUTE mess, No damage done. And I had some wonderful ladoos!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Awesome link

I want everyone to check this link out. This site is terrific.

Check out all the links and prepared to be fascinated.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I learnt cycling!

Though my father bought a cycle for me when i was around eight, I was obstinate, scared and unwilling to learn to ride it.
After a year, when my father and mother realized that i would probably never learn to cycle, they gave it away.
I didn't feel bad about it. I actually felt relived.

Around three months ago, my friends and i were having a discussion on what we don't know to do.
I admitted that i don't know to cycle. My friends were prettty shocked and did make fun of me for a while, but let it go later.

This isn't what made me ask my parents for a cycle.

I realized that i am missing something that is really awesome. A form of exercise, a form of commuting and a form of FUN!

I didn't have to beg my my mom or dad. I asked them for a cycle and they bought it for me the next week.

The first two days of my cycle lessons were abysmal. I was a little too scared to actually lift my feet of the ground (this cycle didn't have training wheels).

As the days progressed, so did my cycling abilities.

I diligently worked everyday to get my balance right.
And I finally did get it.

I can now proudly say I KNOW TO CYCLE!!!

I dedicate this post to my mom for trusting me and buying another cycle though i didn't use the first one.
My dad because he encouraged me to learn to ride it.
My domestic help- Suguna aunty who actually TAUGHT me to ride my cycle.
And finally to myself, Who learnt to overcome fear and achieve something.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My attempt at poetry.

I was 9 years old when i first started writing poetry. I was fascinated with the "rhymy-rhymy" words at the end of every line. I started reading poetry after that, and then started writing it.

This poem was written when i was 10 and goes like this:

Please bring me a boat
And a coat
And also get my goat
And an ice-cream float

Please call my pig
Which is big
And wears a wig
To dig

My dog
Whose name is Frog
Sleeps like a log
In the fog

The princess had a pea
Which smelt of tea
And looked like a bumble bee
But it was a key
Which she gave to me

The only thing i was interested in was to make the words rhyme. Now when I sit back and read the poems I have written, I laugh until i fall off.

My poetry did improve after a while. I started writing things that did make some sense.

I always loved to write stories. But i couldn't for a simple reason that once i started writing it, I would lose interest after a while. Poetry isn't like that. It is a burst of emotion and takes hardly any time to write if you know what you feel.

That's it for now.

Please note: I know i am going back on what i said in my last post ( that i wouldn't come online) But I just happened to have some time and i decided to blog.
Hoping i get more time to post one of my recent poems.